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Artikelnummer: 2086.0001

by Lang Yarns - Herbst-Winter-Modelle 2024/25
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What character will you embody with your next project? Are you a GREEN GODDESS, taking care of your health and making sure you consume a balanced yarn-diet. Perhaps you're more inclined to be a YARN ARTIST, drawing inspiration from the rich hues and textures bestowed by Mother Nature. Or consider embracing the essence of a MOTHER OF PEARLS, nurturing, and polishing your skills and projects to perfection. And for those captivated by a spectrum of colors, you can always unleash your inner RAINBOW COLLECTOR and take your crafting for a ride across all colors of the rainbow…

A world of knitting and crochet awaits you in these pages, inviting you with every stitch to create the vibrant tapestry of your creative expression!

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