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FILATI Journal 51 - english

All about Denim & Pastel Poetry

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Filati Journal Issue 51

Sun is in the air, and you can hear the click-clack of sandals in the streets, so we know: spring must be here at last! So it’s high time for us to get our looks fit for the new season and what better way than with creative knit ideas from our source of inspiration at FILATI Journal 51. The collection has a whole range of new yarns and fresh styles which put the French girl chic look in a nutshell, give light ponchos a modern twist and trump up with a casual under-statement in classic cardigans and pullovers. Our favorite colors are the soft tones, pastel shades or denim interpretations – all of course in our favorite summer material: cotton. This bowls us over with new, modern mixes and fanciful structured surfaces, a cool lustrous finish with silky shimmering yarns or metallic accents with fascinating light reflections. This way a simple basic can turn into something absolutely special! And that is just what we want and whets our appetite for more DIY projects!

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