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Artikelnummer: 2080.0001

34 Sommer- Modelle aus LANG YARNS Wooladdicts Wollen

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WOOLADDICTS legt das zehnte Heft nach.

These three worlds of colours resemble happy days, moments which are filled with laughter, creating memories together with other knitters... They were meant for knitters who have souls full of sunshine: who are golden. Since summer always goes by so quickly, don’t count the days to finish your project but make the days count. Enjoy every minute of it, celebrate life: It’s all about sea-la-vie and carpe diem. Even on days when you don’t feel like the next miss sunshine, you have to seize the day! And remember you are allowed to suck at something new. Only by allowing yourself to make mistakes…You can create something beautiful. It's not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes good things have to end, so that even better things can start. Remember that the sweet isn’t that sweet without the sour. Sometimes you have to create your own little ray of sunshine… But never forget you are the zest!

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